Join us for 2015

photo (34)Rick and I would like to extend a warm thank you to each and every person who helped to make our first year such a huge success.  We could not have done this event without the help of the amazing authors, volunteers, sponsors and readers.

Would you like to join us next year?

All of the ticket info can be found at our eventbrite page. You can purchase fan tickets or book your author table.  It is first come first serve so don’t wait.



A O Pert

A.L. Wood

Aleathea Romig

Alice Clayton

Alisha Basso

Alexia Purdy

AM Hargrove

Amalie Silver

Amber Lynn Natusch

Amie Nichols

Amy Bartol

Amy Miles

AnnaLisa Grant

Arden Aoide

B Kristen McMichael

Barbara Speak

Beth Ehemann

Bethany Lopez

Brenda Rothert

Brynn Myers

C.A. Kunz

CJ Roberts

Cameo Renae

Casey Peeler

Cassie Shine

Caylie Marcoe

Chanda Hahn

Colleen Hoover

Danielle Bannister

Denise Grover Swank

Elizabeth Issacs

Elizabeth Sharp

Ella Col

Ella Dominguez

Elyssa Daye

Emily Pearson

Eric Asher

Erika Ashby

Eva Pohler

G P Ching

Heather Marie Adkins

Hollie Westring

JA Huss

JD Nelson

Jettie Nacole

Jocelyn Stover

Jordan Deen

Julie Cassar

Kelly Walker

Kimberly Knight

Kristen Allen

Kristie Cook

Kristina Circelli

L.P. Dover

Lindsay Paige

Liv Morris

Liz Shulte

Lori Worley

M S Brannon

M Stratton

Marie Wathen

Mary Smith

Mary Warburton

Melissa Andrea

Melissa Brown

Michele G Miller

Michelle N Files

Mindy Ruiz

Neeley Bratcher

Paige Weaver

Pam Godwin

Penny Reid

Pepper Winters

R.E. Hunter

Rebecca Ethington

Sarah Ashley Jones

Sarah Dosher

Sarah J Pepper

Shannon Morton

Sherri Hayes

Sidonia Rose

Skye Callahan

Susan Burdorf

Suzanna Smith

T.K Leigh

Tabatha Vargo

Tawdra Kandle

Terry Maggert

Tish Thawer

Trisha Leigh

Vicki Green

Victoria Smith

Wendy Owens

Zolie B Heller








23 thoughts on “Join us for 2015

    • Yes. We will have a registration table open all day. If it is not being manned at the exact time you arrive there will be volunteers on hand that will be able to help you

  1. I purchased tickets sometime ago. Since then my Yahoo account was compromised in the great yahoo hacking of 2014. I have no way if obtaining my tickets or information. Can it be resent, please.

  2. Amy, I know you must be exhausted after the last few days, which were incredibly put together, but I was in the lobby this evening and was told by a lady after we exchanged names, that perhaps I was the Dana that left a signed book from Abby Glines. I had no idea but I can confirm it was me after taking inventory to ensure my book was not in my goody bags. I don’t know if there is anyway to leave it with the hotel and I’ll pick it up, if it can be located at this time. It completely slipped my mind at the Awards ceremony to ask someone about it. It seemed to be my M.O. leaving books behind as I had several people remind me throughout the day to take my books with me. I attribute it to all the excitement rather than loss of my mind. LOL!

    Thanks for an awesome 1st book convention for me, absolutely loved it!

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